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About TrishTacSew

Trishtacsew Sewing school, in Palm Desert, CA, offers small sewing classes to teach kids & adults the fun and empowerment of creating their own crafts and clothing.

Trish provides a safe, silly, nurturing, environment to help beginners feel confident and excited about learning to sew. Safety rules are the very first thing we learn in class. Check out some of the fun projects kids have made in our Gallery.

She has two grown children and has been volunteering with kids before she even had babies of her own. She is DOJ certified (fingerprinted and approved to work with kiddos).

Tricia Schroeter learned how to sew during home-ec class in middle school. She didn't sit in front of a sewing machine again for another 10 or so years before borrowing her mom's dusty old Singer to make a Halloween costume for her baby, Jacob. It turned out pretty cute! It was a shiny red stop sign that was as big as Jacob himself.

That was the start of a halloween tradition of hand-made costumes for Tricia and her family. She then started making costumes for her friends, other family members, and local theater productions.

When Tricia's kids were both in elementary school, Tricia juggled her full-time job in order to spend time volunteering in her kids' classroom. She helped with math and reading, but found she really enjoyed teaching art the most.

Inspired by her time volunteering with creative kids and making fun stuff with a sewing machine, she decided to ditch the corporate world once and for all. TrishTacSew Sewing School for Kids officially opened in 2013.

Trish is inspired every day by her students and she uses that inspiration when making cute things to sell in her shop. Check out some of her products.

Better yet, come join the fun, and learn how to sew yourself!

In The News!

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Featured on NBC Palm Spring Morning Show with Sara Sanchez 7/28/21
A Chat with the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce

Trish chats with Katie Stice, CEO of the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce 12/18/20

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About TrishTacSew

TrishTacSew Sewing Classes & Fabric shop in Palm Desert, CA, provides a safe, fun, nurturing community where sewists of all levels feel creative, inspired and excited to learn and shop for all their sewing needs.